Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Get It Together: Baby Love

This week I got the wonderful news that one of my friends is having a baby!  And then I got that news again.  And again.  And again.  And although I'm unsure whether baby fever has gone global or whether it's just an epidemic localized in my circle of friends, what I am sure of is this...I'm ecstatic about it!  I whipped up this Get It Together with all you soon-to-be-mamas in mind.  Now go have a snack- you're eating for two now, remember!?

1. Cobalt Cylinder Pendant, Layla Grace $279  2. Kid's Airplane Wall Decal, The Land of Nod $25  3. Skyline Blue Crib Set, DwellStudio $360  4. Skyline Blue Boudoir Pillow, DwellStudio $34  5. Zebra Mozambique Studio Crib, Layla Grace $2,100  6. Criss-Cross Pattern Rug,  The Land of Nod $199-$599


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