Do you offer full design services?
To those in the New Jersey, Philadelphia, New York and Nashville, TN areas- the answer is a resounding yes! We provide a full range of decorative services (including design consultations, decorative painting, window treatments, custom furniture, lighting, carpeting, etc.) through our licensed and insured parent company, Lillian’s Paintbrush. Check out the Lillian’s Paintbrush website for more details. For more information on our event planning services or any other specialty you see featured on Design-Muse, contact us here.

Do you accept submissions?
Quite warmly! Whether you’re looking to guest blog or simply want to share your favorite website/recipe/product, etc- we're listening. Shoot us an e-mail and tell us all about it.

How do I post a comment?
I’ve received a surprising amount of feedback from people who want to post a comment but are unsure how to do so. Here's a quick tutorial for those interested. Hope this helps!

You'll find this bar at the bottom of every post. To leave a comment simply click on the link marked above. Once you do, you'll be presented with a space to write your comment, as well as the opportunity to use your Google, LiveJournal, TypePad, AIM, or OpenID account to identify yourself. You also have the option to manually enter your name and website or even post anonymously if you so choose.

What is your commenting policy?
We love hearing from our readers and friends, however we reserve the right to remove comments that are offensive, contain profanity, or are written with the intent to advertise.

Do you have a privacy policy?
Why yes, we do. You can check it out here.