Friday, March 11, 2011

Que Bella

If you've read my tweets, conversed with me, or really just been in my general vicinity over the last week, then chances are good you've heard me talk about Savant Vintage Couture.  I took my maiden voyage to Savant last Wednesday and yesterday marks my third visit since.  In a perfect world, it would be part of my daily it would be my closet.  It's like a drug, folks.  Can't...get...enough.  While I've only purchased a handful of items thus far, I've made sure to make 'em count.  The dress I wore for this month's Table for Twelve (which goes up in just a few short hours!!) came straight from the racks below.  It is, perhaps, my new favorite thing.  It's obvious Savant's lovely owner, Bev, knows quality and style, but what's really great is that she also knows a little bit of each item's story (and I love a good story).  I just couldn't possibly say enough wonderful things about this store- if you're in Nashville you have to go.  In fact, I'll meet you there.  2302 12th Ave S...last one there's buying. :)


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