Friday, October 21, 2011

Working for the Weekend

This past week was quite a learning experience for me.  I found out what happens when you clean, organize and re-decorate your entire house in a matter of days (you oscillate between feeling really happy and totally exhausted), what happens when you don't come up with a thorough blogging plan in advance (you run behind schedule all week) and what happens when you don't watch TV for over a week then turn on Modern Family (you laugh so hard you contemplate hospitalization).  I'm excited to rest up a bit this weekend, but I can also promise I'll be hard at work making next week's posts all kinds of awesome.  Hope you enjoy the links for this weekend- see you Monday!

I looked to see if Aunt Martha had any advice for me after last weekend's big clean sweep.

Might try this at some point.  Except with candy instead of raisins.  Obviously.

This little lady is talented!

Someone take me here.  Stat.

MmmMmm- how incredible does this look?

Found out this week my cousin is having a baby GIRL!  Let the shopping commence! 

World's best smelling candle?  Perhaps.  It's top 5 at least.

If your Dad is as cool as mine he'd probably love this.  On second thought- lets go with half as cool as my Dad.  No one is as cool.

Because one cupcake is never enough.....

Just beautiful.


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