Thursday, October 6, 2011

Marching On

Can I just get really honest for a moment?  My best friend is moving to a new city this Saturday and I'm sad about it.  Excited- cause I think it's gonna be really amazing for her- but definitely sad, too.  The fact that she's leaving hasn't totally hit me, but it's definitely starting to.  It's just gonna be weird cause she's my person, you know?  At any rate, I figured if I was gonna be bummed out I'd at least be productive and put together a roundup.  Sometimes growth is uncomfortable and uncomfortable is never fun, but I'm thinking it's gonna be a do-able, capacity-expanding, dare I say positive thing for all of us.  And if nothing else, it inspired me to find this super cute's something.  Wish us luck over the next few days as we say our "see you soon"s!

1. Me Less You T-Shirt, Loverstown €10.00  2. 9ct Gold Airplane Pendant, Etsy $290  3. Sending All My Love To You Custom Pillow, Etsy $35  4. Globe Trotter Luggage, J. Crew $1,350


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