Monday, October 24, 2011

These Is For The NEWSIES!

A lot of things change between the time you're 10 and 26.  A lot.  Most, even.  But one thing that hasn't changed for me is my continued obsession with the movie Newsies.  In fact, I bet if I tried really hard I could quote the majority of the movie right here, right now ("In 1899, the streets of New York City echoed with the voices of newsies, peddling the papers of Joseph Pulitzer, William Randalph Hearst, and other giants of the newspaper world.  On every corner you saw them carrying the banner.  Bringing you the news for a penny a pape.  Poor orphans and runaways, the newsies were a ragged army without a leader, until one day all that changed....")  The main character, Jack Kelly, was the third great love of my life, coming in closely behind The Little Mermaid's Prince Eric and JTT.  He's the first and last "cowboy" I've ever had a thing for.  I put together a slightly updated (and in most cases, girl-friendly) round up inspired by my favorite band of singing, dancing newsboys.  Those fellas had all kinds of style!  Now that I've reminded myself (and you) of how much I adore them, I'm gonna need to put "Watch Newsies" on the agenda for this week.  Anyone care to join me??

1. Kraft 6x9 Paper Shopping Bags, Store Supply Warehouse $25.50 for 1,000  2. Black Suspenders, SW Unlimited $19.95  3. Ralph Lauren Black Label Houndstooth Wool Vest, Net-A-Porter $600  4. Metallic Tweed Women's Classics, Toms $54  5. Seize the Day Brass Pendant, Etsy $18  6. Gray Herringbone Cap, Tattoo Apparel $24.95  7. Missoni Maddalena Wool Blend Tweed Pants, Net-A-Porter $875  8. Spot Collins Quote Button, Etsy $1.75  9. Scarf, H&M $34.95  10. Insiders' Guide to Santa Fe, Amazon $14.21  11. Smokers Flask, Etsy $22


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