Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Midas Touch

I'm naturally drawn to both gold and wood separately, but you put those hands together and it's more than I can resist.  These pieces caught my eye in a big fact, they're so sharp they've left me wanting to gold leaf the mess out of every piece in my house (an impulse I'm choosing to fight, by the way).  Speaking of my house, I've got a few of our before and after extreme home makeover pictures to show you next week.  I'm gonna use this weekend to smooth out the last few details (read: I'm nervous to hang pictures by myself so I have to lure an unsuspecting friend over with the promise of food), but I can't wait to share!

1. Gold Leaf Wood, Diane Von Furstenberg $60  2. Lozenge Ring, Bauble Bar $82  3. Teena's Chunky Gold Faceted Wood Bangle, Fantasy Jewelry Box $31.95  4. Fold Leaf Wood Square Coaster Set, Diane Von Furstenberg $40  5. Wood Top Hammered Gold Leaf Cocktail Cube, Dovecote Decor $730 6. Tod Decorative Candleholders, P E L L E


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