Friday, October 14, 2011

Working for the Weekend

Oh my goodness- can you believe it's already Friday!?  Where did the week go?  I don't know about you but I've got a jam packed schedule this weekend and I'm p-u-m-p-e-d about it.  My mom is flying in this morning (yay!) to help me redecorate a few areas in our house (yay again)!  It's gonna be non-stop but I'm hoping she transfers some of that Energizer Bunny anointing my way.  We make a pretty terrific team, so I'm excited to see how it all comes together.  I'll have to post a few before and after pictures when we're done.  In the meantime, get some rest and enjoy this weekend's links!

My brother's band leaves for a 5 week tour today!  Check out their schedule and make sure you go see them if they come to your town.  Doctor's orders.

I laughed at this.  Outloud.  For awhile.

Arts, Crafts & Genius.

There's a possibility I gained weight just by looking at this.  Buuuuut I have every intention of making it anyway.

Gonna make this too.

Want it.

I may have to ask a few of my friends to do this (Courtney & Nadia, I'm looking at you)

I always wondered what the secrets were behind this 'do

Cute idea.

Wish I was going to this!  If you're in NYC in early November you should get tickets!!


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