Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Foodie Files

I got to thinking about fall ingredients the other day and made a short list of recipes I'm determined to test kitchen before the season is over.  Over and over I kept coming back to figs.  It probably has something to do with missing my parents' house- they have the most ridiculous fig trees you've ever seen- but I digress.  I got the idea to do a take on a Fontina grilled cheese sandwich, but with some fig jam in the mix to give it a little something-something extra.  When I ran the idea by my Dad, he thought through the make or break factor- bread.  I found a fresh, seeded loaf at Whole Foods and it made a world of difference.  The ingredients aren't the cheapest, but the recipe is as simple as it gets.  And the taste- whoa- out of this world.

Sliced Fontina Cheese
Seeded Bread Loaf
Fig Jam
2 Tbs Butter

Spread a thin layer of fig jam over your bread and top with cheese.  Throw on that top piece of bread and you're halfway to deliciousness.  

Melt butter on a panini press or griddle, then press the sandwich for about 90 seconds.  Lightly butter the top one additional time and press again until lightly brown.  I served mine alongside a delicious butternut squash soup.  The picture of fall, eh?


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