Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mirror, Mirror

I don't know what it's like where you're at but I'll tell you one thing- it's getting pretty chilly here.  It always feels like the seasons change over the course of...I don't hour in Nashville.  One second it's summer, the next - boom - autumn.  No transition whatsoever.  In honor of our new cold weather, today's Mirror, Mirror is all about stylish, refined (get ready for the curve ball) comfort & warmth.  I could curl up in this outfit and hibernate for the winter, or go somewhere fabulous.  That's the best of both worlds, friend.

1. MM6 Button Down Shirt, La Garçonne $180  2. Cashmere Wrap, Tomas Maier $2,080  3. Color Block Ostrich Bag, ASOS $78.57  4. Pirnie Ankle Boots, Aldo $60  5. Disc Stud Earrings, French Connection $20.95  6. Butterfly Sunglasses, Forever 21 $5.80  7. Gold Bracelet Watch, Sekonda $78.55


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