Monday, October 3, 2011

Flea Market Finds

Hola mis amigos- how was your weekend?  Things went swimmingly on this end...I fit in a trip to the flea market of all flea markets (over a mile long!), a movie night with my roomies, church, brunch, some trivia-based fun with my brother and friends and even a Sunday afternoon nap!  A delightful weekend if I don't say so myself.  After re-reading that sentence, I realize how geriatric it sounds...but...whadda ya do?  The heart wants what it wants.

I'm in a show and tell kind of mood so I wanted to share a few of the pieces I picked up during Saturday's flea market marathon.  All in all, I bought a picture for my new room (more details on that to follow), a beautiful scarf and a triple strand of pearls (a la Blair Eadie), a 16 piece gold rimmed glasses set, two old school apothecary bottles, a ladylike tea hat, a (brace yourself) red and gold turban, and- finally- a set of olive green glass plates.  I was in the zone people.  Oh, and did I mention it all came to a grand total of like...$50?!  Impressive, right!?


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