Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Get It Together: Oh So Crafty

I'm still playing a bit of catch-up, but don't you fret!  All this week's posts will go's just taking me a second to get my head on straight.  So, even though this was supposed to go up yesterday (as per our Editorial Calendar) I'm feeling like this is a 'better late than never' scenario.  P.S.- How much do you adore the color of that pillow?  I'm smitten.

1. Industrial Pendant, West Elm $99  2. Black Chalkboard Candle, Amazon $24.95  3. Glazed Ginger Velvet Lumbar Pillow, World Market $14.99  4. Apache Blanket, Zara Home 99.95€  5. Dressmaker Chair, Anthropologie $2,220  6. Wire Frame Letters, Urban Outfitters $10  7. Sparta Frame, Zara Home 17.95€  8. Beach Bicycle Key Rack, Etsy $16.99


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