Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Guys!  I'm so sorry!  I totally dropped off the face of the earth with no warning.  The last few days have been all kinds of (good) crazy.  But insane schedule + obsession with finishing this project + hiccuping internet turned out to = neglecting you, and for that I apologize.  Won't happen again.  I've been itching to share this super legit Etsy shop I stumbled across and guess what?  Today is the day.  I ordered a few of these gorgeous personalized cut paper cards for various occasions over the last month (one for an anniversary present, the other for a birthday) and was beyond thrilled with how perfect they were.  And they were less than $8 a piece...pretty inexpensive for such a beautiful custom project, I'd say.  They remind me of Rob Ryan who, as previously discussed, I'm obsessed with.  There's a ton of different cards to choose from in their cute little store- check it out!


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