Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Tapas restaurants aren't made for everyone, but they're most certainly made for me.  My enjoyment of a meal...any meal...grows exponentially with each additional course, so the concept of a restaurant where you order many small plates of food is a little piece of heaven for me.  This past Sunday night my BFF DawnChere took me to Sugarcane, a killer Tapas restaurant that blew my mind one goat cheese croquette at a time.  If you're ever in Miami it's a must visit!  I wanted to take pictures of all our food but got distracted by the deliciousness of said food about halfway through our meal, so I only snapped a few.  Our menu of choice was:

Crispy Leg of Duck Confit and Waffles with Mustard Maple Syrup
Bacon Wrapped Dates with Linguica and Manchego
Goat Cheese Croquettes with Membrillo Marmalade
Brussel Sprouts with Orange and Sweet Soy
Shellfish Seviche with Avocado, Tomato and Nori Crisps
Shrimp Tempura, Yellowtail Jalapeño & Crunchy Tuna Sushi Rolls

I could neither identify nor pronounce the majority of the things we ate, nor was I terribly excited about how some of them sounded (let's be honest...duck and waffles?  That's scary.) but oh my word was it delicious.  Every.  Single.  Bite.  Don't be too surprised if I give one or two items a try in the Foodie Files to come.  The potential for disaster is high, but it's worth a shot.  :)

Pictures via Miami Examiner, Alissa Ponchione & my Iphone

P.S.- The atmosphere is reason enough to pay Sugarcane a visit.  Let me just throw a few descriptors out at you...you do with them what you will.  South American Colonial Spanish-Style Architecture.  Vintage accessories and salvaged wood floors.  Hand-painted Moroccan Tiles.  Vintage wallpapers and antique mirrors.  Told you...amazing.


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