Friday, April 15, 2011

April Showers

I've got a few reader questions on deck but this one just so happened to fit in nicely with a post I was already working on...I figured I'd give the 'ol two birds, one stone thing a whirl.  If you sent me a question recently then be on the lookout...your answer is on it's way.  If you haven't sent me a question but have one you'd like to ask, there's no time like the present :).  Click here, or e-mail me at and ask away!  Today's question reads:

I have been on the search for a cute hooded spring rain coat and have been unsucessful.  Need your help for ideas :)

Well, I'll do you one about a few adorable spring rain coat ensembles?!  

1. Futai Pumpkin Shape Umbrella, Target $24.99  2. Red Pac-ApParka, Topshop $55  3. Calvin Klein Ava Rain Boots, Macy's $83.30  4. Futai Clear Bubble Umbrella, Target $19.99  5. Yellow Shiny Hooded Plastic Mac, Topshop $92  6. Cole Haan Air Tali Rain Flats, Macy's $138  7. Black and White Pinwheel, Bella Pagoda $129  8. Priorities Grass Cotton 'Phoebe' Hooded Raincoat, Bluefly $138  9. Houndstooth Boots, Amazon $35


.Jessica. said...

AHH where were you when I was looking for a new rain jacket a few months ago?? I love the green one; luckiy I already have the houndstooth boots {thanks Target}! Great post.

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