Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Love Mason Jar

By her own admission, brainstorming for the blog with my cousin Jessica is a lot like interacting with Brick of Anchorman fame.  Here's a sample convo for you:

Gabby: I'm stumped.  What should I blog about this week?
Jess: What about....(looks around the room) baskets.  Or....(browses our shelves) vases.  I love vases.  I love blankets.  I love...lamp.

She always gets an A for effort, but on occasion she also unearths a real gem.  Yesterday, for example, she mentioned Mason Jars and their many warm-weather uses.  And thus, a post was born.  Despite the fact that we're in the process of de-cluttering our house, I think we may need just a few of these for Summer.  They're so versatile and adorable!


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