Monday, April 25, 2011

Royal Wedding Fever!

Judge me if you must, but I'm totally psyched about the Royal Wedding.  Yes-it's has nothing to do with the country I live in, sure- people get married everyday and "one wedding isn't more special than any other", but who cares!  The fact of the matter is this: from the moment she sees her first Disney movie, every girl (or, at the very least, this girl) has thought about being a princess.  And this Friday that's actually happening for one of us.  And it kind of makes you feel like anything could happen!  That being said, this wedding has no doubt taken on a life of it's own.  Some of the memorabilia and souvenirs people are coming out with are outrageous.  I'm not gonna lie, though- on a scale from 1-10, 1 being horrified, 10 being totally entertained, I'm sitting at a solid 5.  Okay fine, maybe more like a 7.  So while I'd never be so tacky as to actually purchase any of the products below, I will mildly contribute to the hysteria by sharing them with you.  Cause they're a riot.  So file this under "Things that make you say 'I can't believe this exists'" and enjoy. :)

1. Royal Rumble Tea Towel, Culture Label £15.00 2. Keep Calm and Marry a Prince Coaster, Amazon $3.50  3. Katea and William Tea Bags, Culture Label £4.99  4. Royal Crest Phone Case, Royal Wedding Case Store $220  5. William and Kate Dress Up Dollys Book, Culture Label £5.99  6. Union Jack Phone Case, Royal Wedding Case Store $220


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