Monday, April 11, 2011

Just What I Needed To Hear...

The start of a new week is an inopportune time to find yourself fresh out of words/ideas.  I'm not sure what the medical term for "brain cramp" is...but that's what I diagnosed myself with this morning.  I managed to work through it with an intense regiment of surfing uncharted waters of the web and I think we're just about back in business.  In the midst of my writer's block, however, I got to thinking about words and how difficult it is to successfully incorporate them into design.  Here's a few nuggets of wisdom that look and sound equally sharp.

1. Love is Everything Tee, Forever 21 $12.80  2. Be Glad For This Moment Bowl, Paloma's Nest $22  3. Letterpress Poster, Etsy $30  4. Work Hard Woodblock Poster, Anthony Burrill via ReForm School $68  5. Tank Dress, Sass & Bide $165  6. Don't Give Up the Ship Print, ReForm School $10


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