Monday, April 18, 2011

Cross Body Crazed

I'm pretty monogamous when it comes to purses.  Granted, I have quite a few (okay, fine...more than quite a few) but I don't go changing them out all willy nilly.  I say find one you like, treat it well, and use it 'til it all but disintegrates (or goes out of style- whichever comes first).  Finding a purse I'm willing to commit to for the next who-knows-how-many-months isn't an easy task (I realize what that says about me...I'm working on it, folks) :), so I did a little ground work for this week's trip to the mall.  I'm thinking go cross-body or go home.  Here's a few I'm liking...I'll be sure to tweet my final decision.  Follow us at @designmuseblog for breaking updates in this very important matter. :)

1. Square Messenger Bag, Zara $79.90  2. Matt & Nat Hendrix, Piperlime $165  3. Leatherette Cross-Body Bag, Forever 21 $14.80  4. Michael Kors' Charlton Cross-Body Bag, Macy's $128  5. Textured Shoulder Bag, Forever 21 $19.80  6. Revel NY 'Nolita' Crossbody Flap Bag, Nordstrom $148  7. Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q-Karlie Bag, Nordstrom $248


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