Monday, February 14, 2011

When You Least Expect It...

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!  Despite my perennially single track record and against all odds, I love this holiday.  I don’t get down with the whole ‘I’m alone on Valentine’s Day, thus I must don sackcloth and ashes and make everyone miserable’ routine.  It’s just unnecessary.  However, on this very special day- while seemingly everyone else is celebrating the joys of coupledom- this one goes out to the singles.  May you have the wisdom to celebrate your non-romantic relationships, the stomach to tolerate the Kay Jeweler commercials (“In all the years we’ve been coming here I’ve never seen a storm like this…I’m right here…and I always will be”), and the patience to endure well meaning comments like “love will come when you least expect it”.  Even though there’s not an unattached person in the world who revels in hearing it, maybe the lovebirds are right.  Maybe love will come when we least expect it.  Here’s a little photo tribute to that very idea.  Happy February 14th- do yourself a favor and make it a great day!  


Jess said...

LOVE THIS!!! So clever! What a reminder to look for love in all the wrong places...not exactly what I meant. I think I was going for 'when you least expect it you'll find love.'

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