Monday, February 7, 2011

Handmade Happiness

Valentine's Week is (more or less) upon us!  While I'll try my best to not overwhelm you with lovey-dovey-ness over the next few days, you'll have to allow me some leeway.  Especially today, cause I'm feeling downright saccharine.  These super cute Valentines-inspired do-dads had me smiling 'til my cheeks hurt, so I figured you might get a kick out of them too.  They're precious, don't you think?!

1. Tandem Love Framed Print, Canton Box Company $23  2. We Are So Good Together Pillow, Hutch Design $28  3. Embroidered Lipstick Traces, Sam Skiart $40  4. Hand Carved Personalized Initials on Old Red Barn, The Lonely Heart $18.99  5. Bottle of Love Framed Art, Raine Style Home $28.50  6. Scrabble Tiles on Printed Dictionary Print, Little Pergola $7  7. xo Cherry on Natural, OhHi $25


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