Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Get It Together: Bright + Clean

Since we’re lucky enough to have access to color specialists through our parent company, Lillian’s Paintbrush, we decided to add another element to our weekly ‘Get It Together’ posts.  Let’s talk paint for just a moment.  Change the paint and you change the space- it absolutely has the power to set the tone.  This doesn’t mean every room needs color- some may actually look best with a white backdrop- but it does mean a poor choice in color will weaken a space 100% of the time, and vice versa.  Here are a few different color suggestions to maximize the impact of this week's Get It Together, courtesy of Lillian herself.  They all set a different tone, but each would work beautifully!  All the colors below are from the Benjamin Moore palate (our favorite!)- we'd suggest checking out a hard copy swatch before moving forward with a project.

1. Miss K S1, Design Within Reach $332  2. Simply Sub-Lime Curtain, Mod Cloth $49.99  3. Framed Objects, think of the $65  4. Ceramic White Alarm Clocks, West Elm $34-69  5. Braid Server, Jayson Home & Garden $135  6. Company C Pillow Fiona Sky, Layla Grace $110  7. Fingerprint Kuma Pillow, Areaware $48  8. Company C Pillow Windowpane Jane, Layla Grace $55  9. Industrial Age Side Chair, Urban Outfitters $228  10. Emeco Icon Chair, Phillippe Stark via Velocity Art $390


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