Friday, February 25, 2011

Que Bella

When you're a single gal with a good number of single friends, the girl in 'girls night' can seem somewhat superfluous.  It's just...regular night.  Nonetheless, last night's girls night was so much fun that it's totally claimed the week's Que Bella.  A lot of my favorite things were involved...good friends, quality time, delicious food and killer atmosphere.  We started off the evening at a scrumptious little french bistro called Miel.  MmmmmMmmm, was it good!  Since I'm a sucker for presentation, my favorite part was the Creme Brulee.  Amazing, right?! 

From there, we ventured over to The Patterson of my favorite places in Nashville and long time resident of my 'things I must feature on Design-Muse' list.  There's arguably no place in the greater Nashville area with a cooler vibe.  You know what they categorize it as?  A 'speakeasy'.  If a more awesome term for a bar or lounge exists, I've certainly never heard of it.  They don't do any advertising, nor do they have so much as a sign out front, so it's hard not to feel like you're in on some fantastic secret from the moment you walk in.  But it's not a secret at all- in fact, Patterson House received coverage in the New York Times and was even named one of the top 10 bars in the nation by Bon Appetit magazine.  The interior is a pre-prohibition dream with an imprinted tin ceiling, rich textures, metallic wallpaper and dimly lit chandeliers I'd love to Oceans 11 right out of there.  It makes me want to hug the interior designer, Landy Gardner...and believe me...I'm not a hugger.  To top it off, they even have posted rules like "no fighting, no play fighting, no talking about name dropping, no must refrain from introducing themselves to women unless invited or introduced by a friendly party" and the like.  I it.  It's hard to do it justice in explanation, or even in pictures, but here's my best attempt.


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