Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mirror, Mirror

I'm having a very difficult time accepting the fact that it's not already warm out.  In my head it only makes sense that I should be fine (nay, warm) in short sleeves from now until...October perhaps.  In fact, every time I walk out the door and have to turn back for more layers, a small part of me gasps.  But, it seems that small, gasping part of me is the one in charge of Mirror, Mirror posts and for that reason we're done with sweaters and coats for awhile.  Good thing it's always warm in blog-world. :) I think every last piece of this outfit is amazing- what do you think?!

1. Once Upon a Citron Dress, Mod Cloth $49.99  2. Bullion Sling Bag, Anthropologie $138  3. Celtic Knot Necklace, Forever 21 $9.80  4. Teak Treasure Cuff, Anthropologie $298  5. Messeca Cecilia Wedge, Piperlime $169


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