Friday, February 11, 2011

Centennial Treasures

There's something beautifully romantic about antique jewelry!  You have a story?  It has a story, too.  In fact, owning a piece is like owning a little part of history.  I searched and searched for some really amazing vintage pieces and was thrilled with what I found.  Cooler still, the pieces below are all 100 years old or older.  Sweet, huh?

1. Antique Brass Skeleton Key Necklace, I Found Gallery $39  2. Antique Victorian Rhinestone Bracelet, Lauren Rose Design $189  3. Victorian Flower Necklace, Kariana $149  4. Elgin Pocket Watch, A Design Process $70  5. Antique Garnet Pendant Chain, Classic Style $250  6. Vintage Chatelaine Purse, Metal Corsetll $87  7. Baltic Amber Ring, Liah Belle Vintage $30  8. Rhinestone Brooch, Liah Belle Vintage $65


Courtney said...

The victorian flower necklace has my name written all over it. Great find!!!!!!!

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