Friday, February 4, 2011

Que Bella

Today's Que Bella is a precursor to our very first (drumroll please...) Table for Twelve.  In a just a few short hours I'll be posting pictures from this fabulous event and I've got a pretty strong feeling you're gonna love them.  I sure do a whole lot.  I'm excited to tell you about the food, the activities and the ambiance of our Valentine's Day party, but first I want to say a few, quick words about what really made the night special- the company.  At the risk of being tempted to brag on these ladies for hours (as I very easily could do) I condensed their "bios" into bite sized portions.  My dream for Table for Twelve is to not only introduce you to innovative party planning ideas, menu suggestions and the like- but to give you just a glimpse into the lives of these amazing, gorgeous ladies.  They're as entertaining as it gets and impossible not to love.  So, without further adieu, the lovely ladies of Table for Twelve:

Lillian: Creative – Unafraid – Motivator
Does more in one hour than most people accomplish all day.  A model wife and mother.  I suspect she’s an actual Superhero for the following reasons:
1) She never runs out of energy
2) She doesn’t age
Thankful I can call her crying, laughing, sick, annoyed, excited or bored.  Especially grateful I can call her Mom.

Sandi: Joyful – Welcoming - Resilient
So hardworking she wins an actual teacher of the year award on a regular basis.  So humble we don’t usually find out about it until we see her on the news.  Between her children by birth and her “adopted” children by choice, there’s a small army of people that think of her as Mom- which works out well cause she’s a reeeaaaally good one.

Nikki: Generous – Honest – Loyal
A Northern girl at heart who never met a Reality TV show she didn’t like.  The best hair stylist in Nashville…nay, the world.  Tender hearted and loveable.  Would move mountains for her friends. 

Natalie: Talented – Competitive – Dependable
Proud mom to the most amazing 3 year old the world has ever seen.  Sets high standards and meets them.  Beats us in competitions we didn’t know we were a part of.  Labels her label maker.  Makes learning fun for her students.  Makes life fun for us.

Jessie: Witty – Loyal – Cuddly
Balances her job as an Emergency Room Nurse with her duties as a full time Disney Princess.  Textbook youngest child.  Will make you laugh ‘til you cry.  Not afraid to take charge.  Fiercely loyal.  Has perfect hair.  My partner in crime.

Nadine: Calm – Patient – Smart
The anchor that keeps us grounded.  Deep, well read, and logical.  Great listener and a natural born caretaker.  Pulls off red lipstick like it was invented for her.

Denise: Unique – Fun – Independent
Our little (and I mean that literally) free spirit.  Open to new things in all areas of life.  Rocks the Bohemian look better than anyone I know.  Doesn’t match her socks on purpose.

Danielle: Classy – Strong – Hard-Worker
The Hispanic Audrey Hepburn.  Total beauty guru with a heart as big as her perfume collection.  Goal-oriented, dependable and not afraid of a challenge.  Seriously sweet on candy.

Courtney: Reliable – Encouraging – Refreshing
Goes the extra mile for everyone.  Finds a solution no matter what.  Breathes positivity and life into her family, friends and ELL Kindergarten students.  Doesn’t complain.  Sends handwritten thank you notes (with perfect penmanship) in the mail.

Graham: Relaxed – Sincere – Lovable
Our token blonde.  Listens intently and gives great advice.  Quick to help anyone she can.  Stands up for the underdog.  Owns a few dresses I would consider killing for.

Someday I hope my sweet cousin, Angela, can join us at the 'ol Table for Twelve...same goes for my cousins Santina and Patricia, my aunts Evelyn, Nancy and Dina, my bestie DawnChere, and a host of other ladies that are so special to me I can scarcely put it into words.  If you do a headcount, you'll notice we left a seat open for just such an occasion...but I'll talk more about those ladies as they "guest star". :) 

The truth is, no one ever had a better group of friends.  If I can share them with you in any capacity, that's what I'm going to try to do.  If all this post ends up being is a way to publicly honor them, than that's okay with me too.  They make every day beautiful, so it's quite fitting that this picture of our little crew would be this week's Que Bella.


Leah Susi said...

You are an amazing writer and so creative. If I were writing your bio, I would be sure to include those words...and probably humble since you didn't even write yourself a bio:). I've been so impressed by your blog, it is very inspiring and fun to read. Thanks for sharing!

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