Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I think it's safe to say Anthropologie + Weddings = the best idea ever.  Just yesterday this brilliant concept came to life with the launch of their latest venture, BHLDN.  Before I say another word, lets just talk about the name for a second.  It's pronounced "beholden" and was inspired by a dutch word that means "to keep".  It's as confusing as it is clever, but we're talking about Anthropologie here and- I don't know about you- but I'll take whatever they're dishing out.  At any rate, their selection of gowns, bridesmaid dresses and wedding accessories is as fantastic as one would expect.  Their goal is "heirloom quality" and they surely deliver on it.  As if all this wasn't exciting enough, they're already announcing plans to expand into wedding decor and will eventually carry everything from candelabras to cake toppers.  I posted a few of my favorite pieces below, but I hope you'll bounce over to their brand new site and check things out for yourself.  It's all so very gorgeous!


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