Friday, February 17, 2012

Table For Twelve: Welcome Vivian

It's been awhile since our last Table for Twelve.  Too long, in fact.  I can almost hear Ricky Ricardo as I type this..."Gabby, you've got some 'splaining to do".  Well, here's what's up: we're changing a few things around in 2012.  Change isn't exactly my favorite, even when it's change for the better (case in point, I've had 52 updates pending in my app folder for the last thank you apps, I like things the way they are) but I hope this is an adjustment you can get excited about.  For the next year, Table for Twelves will be a seasonal post...four a year.  I know, I know you're not okay with that, but wait there's more!  We came up with three other seasonal series that 1) are killer and 2) will run during the months between our Table for Twelves.  I was going to go ahead and introduce you to them now, but I kind of like the suspense that's building so I'm gonna wait and show you one month at a time.  Kinda fun, right?  Over the next three months I'll unveil one new series a month, then we'll circle back around to our next Table for Twelve and the cycle will repeat.  Cool?  Cool.

Now, back to this Table for's a good one.  You know I'll find a reason to celebrate just about anything, but when you give me a real, honest to goodness event that's gonna change all of our lives, the celebration swells accordingly.  Last weekend we got a chance to herald the coming of my cousin Natalie's baby girl, Vivian.  My cousins Nikki, Nadine, Leah and I co-hosted the shower and it really couldn't have been more delightful.  We took a different route from the soft, pastel color palate that traditionally monopolizes baby-centric events.  It was kind of a breath of fresh air to me.  We've all been to the same baby shower a million times over, why not make this one different?

One of my favorite parts of our decor was the Anthropologie-esque pendant installation we put together across the back wall.  It was cheery and fun and really set the tone for the whimsical party we set out to create.

The food was not only delicious, but really beautiful in and of itself.  We set up a doughnut tower, a display of Chick-fil-A Chick-n-Minis (so tasty), a veggie tray, chicken salad sandwiches, mini quiches, some fruit, Snickers salad (yup, you read that right), homemade Oreo truffles, a make-your-own yogurt parfait bar and pre-poured glasses of Natalie's favorite, fruit tea.

We kept the centerpieces and tableware simple but threw in a few pops of flash, pairing potted plants with delicate arrangements, plain jane plates with customized napkins and setting it all on a classic black and white polka dotted tablecloth with a metallic gold runner.  

In lieu of games (cause lets be honest, no one enjoys playing those at showers anyway) we had our guests put together a picture guestbook.  The drill was simple: write a message to Vivian on a dry erase board and strike a pose.  I can't imagine how much fun sweet Vivi will have reading through them someday! 

The presents just kept coming, which was great fun to watch.  There's nothing like an afternoon of pretty little baby girl goodness to get you smiling real big.      

*Side note: Although Natalie already decided on the name Vivian Rae, 
her sisters are still competing over Vivi's middle name.  For Christmas, Aunt Nikki got Vivian 
a bib that said "Vivian Nicole".  This was Jessica Dianne's best attempt.*

We sent everyone home with one of Natalie's most frequent cravings, a loaf of her Mom's homemade banana bread.  Random as it is, I also had a few really sharp looking custom coasters made.  We set them all around the room and let folks take a few if they so desired.  You know how I feel about details... they'll make or break just about anything.

As much as I truly love celebrating minor victories and silly holidays, there's really nothing more exciting than reveling in the excitement of a legitimate life event.  We're counting down the days 'til Vivian gets here...that little angel has quite a fan base.  She may not have made her grand entrance into the world just yet, but she's already so loved (and maybe the slightest bit spoiled).  

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