Friday, February 3, 2012

Working For The Weekend

You're not gonna believe what I'm doing tomorrow...seriously, it sounds made up but it's oh so real.  I'm heading to a (drumroll please) Jersey Shore themed birthday party- but wait, it gets better!  It's a Jersey Shore themed murder mystery party.  Is that not too hilarious for words?  I picked out my outfit earlier this week so it's pretty much just been taunting me for the last few days.  Come to find out, my love for playing dress up outweighs my distain of trashy reality television by a factor of 10...kind of an enlightening discovery, actually.  At any rate, I'm jumping into this weekend feet first.  Can't wait to make some fabulous memories (and test kitchen a few delicious new recipes, too)!  Enjoy your weekend and the links!

Interesting alternative to business cards....

If this is the recipe I think it is, there's one heck of a happy dance in my future.

Good tips.

This might actually be too lovely.


Lots of twins in my life...probably explains why I like this.

*This is me smiling*

My Dad would do stuff like this all the time when we were growing up.  Love it.

My kind of shower.

Those Brits just know how to dress...


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