Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Year!

Those of you who read Design-Muse regularly know I have a thing for celebrating obscure holidays.  I can't offer an explanation, the best I can tell you is it's really, really fun.  As you can imagine, it was all but impossible to resist the opportunity to celebrate the most obscure holiday of them all- so obscure it only shows up once every four years...Leap Year!  I did a good bit of research on the matter and found some really interesting information.  It seems back in the day, women were not only permitted to propose on a leap year, men were actually charged a hefty fine if they refused a proposal.  I seriously can't get over it.  I found a fun intersect in my new favorite hobby, antiquing, too.  Apparently the great souvenir postcard boom of the early 1900's produced quite a few Leap Year postcards, most of which are exceptionally frightening.  Some, however, are quite pretty.  I grabbed a few of the loveliest ones I could find (and a couple funny ones, too).  While I'm more convinced than ever that I won't be proposing to a guy anytime soon (seriously, some of these post cards are massively disturbing...Google search it if you don't believe me), I was thoroughly entertained by the sentiment of it all!   


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