Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Post of Many Colors

There's a lot going on here color-wise.  A whole lot.  But the week's nearly over and I think we could all use an extra bit of happy to power through what's left of it.  The view may be too bright for some, but I think it's simply delightful.  In fact, a little technicolor pick-me-up is just what the doctor ordered (at least that's what my prescription says...).  

1. Embellished Silk Sweater, Matthew Williamson $795  2. Blithe & Buoyant Tote, Anthropologie $518  3. Neon Pink Geo Faceted Ring, Etsy $15  4. UTA Necklace, Fancy French Cologne $22  5. Distant Lands Bangle, Leif $10  6. Pyramid stone Drop Earrings, Asos $32.23  7. Color Block Dress, Bottega Veneta $1,400  8. Systems of Space Rug, Alexander Kori Girard


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