Friday, February 10, 2012

Working For The Weekend

Not only is today Friday, it's my favorite kind of Friday...the kind when my Mom comes in town!  Every few months she flies in to spend a long weekend with my brother and I...I literally can't wait to see her.  As usual, we've got quite a bit planned but since she has the strength of ten people and the energy of twenty I'm more than confident it'll all get done.  Hope your weekend is either jam packed with excitement or calm as can be (depending, of course, on your preference).  Shall we meet back here Monday?  Great, sounds like a plan.  Enjoy the links!

So...the owner of this business may be trying to lay low at the moment but I just couldn't help but share.

Ooooh.  I like this.

Valentine's crafts pt. 1

Valentine's crafts pt. 2

Might this appear at my next fancy dinner party?  Perhaps.

Crazy town

Laughed about this for a long time.

Bit of a throwback.

Something veeeery cute about this...

Another video by my sweet friend- anyone see him on The Voice this week?


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