Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mirror, Mirror

I'm having the loveliest time in fact, it's put me in quite the sunny mood.  Which means I probably need a sunny dress to match (solid logic, eh?).  Truth be told, the shoes are my favorite part of the ensemble....the necklace is pretty legit too.  The plan for today is waaaay cooler than shopping, however, so you won't hear any complaints here (I'll give you a hint, there may or may not be dolphins involved).  Wish me luck as I try and I try and even out these tan lines...okay I'll stop, now I'm just being mean.  Happy Wednesday!

1. Printed Silk Shirt Dress, Tucker $330  2. Bib Necklace, Kate Spade $148  3. Engraved Metal Bangle, ASOS $6.27  4. Noir Jewelry X Ring, Shopbop $77  5. Tanya Platform, Jeffrey Campbell $114.95  6. Sequin Zip Top Clutch, ASOS $44.76


diana said...

those shoes are legit!!! love this outfit.

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