Friday, July 27, 2012

The Essential Gift Guide to Teacher Treats

As of today, summer break is officially over for my kindergarten-teaching roommate (boooooo).  Since protesting the fact that she has to go back to work wouldn't get me far, I did the next best thing and put together a little back to school present for her.  For the record, I included some fun essentials I think the teachers in your life might really enjoy...maybe you have a friend who needs these treats, too!  

Since I planned ahead I was able to special order a few super fun items, the first of which was a set of personalized notecards from Tiny Prints.  I just love this pattern (some of you might recognize it from my Mom's birthday invitations), it's delightful and sweet just like Courtney.  

Perhaps my favorite items in the bunch are these pencils from Carbon Crusader.  I had them engraved with a quote that gets thrown around a lot in our house, first said by Downton Abbey's Dowager Countess of Grantham (AKA the best character ever on the best show ever).  

Next, I threw in a few traditional teacher items.

An apple...

...a few gold stars...

...the most practical way I could find to consume coffee...

...and a small container filled with on-the-go Nutella packets.  Because even the back to school blues don't stand a chance against Nutella.

Once I made and put on the labels, all that was left to do was put everything in a pretty kraft paper bag and have the patience to wait until today to give it to her (the hardest part of the process, by the way).     

Moral of the story: whether you do it with a bag of gifts, a little note or a smile, make sure you encourage the teachers you know and love and thank them for all their hard work.  They sure do deserve it!


Missy said...

Ah! I love the Downton Abbey pencils! I just finished the second season and she makes me laugh every episode. :)

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