Design-Muse is a daily lifestyle blog and the brainchild of Gabrielle Beretta; a compulsive celebrator, fancy dress addict and home and event stylist. 

Created to be an inspiration and resource that facilitates stylish living, Gabrielle founded Design-Muse alongside her mother, Lillian, in 2010. Since then, it has grown from a collection of ideas to a full studio offering a range of home design and event planning services to the New Jersey, Philadelphia, New York, and Nashville, Tennessee areas. 

With a varied editorial calendar and a focus on truly original content, Gabrielle uses Design-Muse as a vehicle to curate and catalog beauty (allowing her own personal style to shine through in the process). 

Things Gabrielle loves a lot (perhaps too much): 

-Dinner Parties
-Costume Parties
-Any opportunity to wear something fancy
-Double Short Mochas 
-Poppy and Ranunculus flowers
-Museums of any variety
-Audrey Hepburn movie marathons
-Vintage books, clothes, jewelry, home decor
-Lofts with high ceilings, interior brick walls and wood floors
-Getting letters in the mail
-Her canine siblings, Solomon the boxer and Gigi the Italian Mastiff
-When you're in the car listening to music and the song ends the moment you reach your destination.
-When you pick the exact right tupperware container to house your leftovers.
-Her home church
-Her brother's music
-Her Dad's most interesting-man-in-the-world-esque hobbies
-Her Mom's ability to do absolutely anything.  Really, really well.

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