Monday, February 27, 2012

What's On Your Fridge?

So you may be wondering why I've posted a series of photos on/of my fridge today.  Valid question.  Here's what's up: Smeg fridges is sponsoring a contest of sorts on one of my favorite blogs, SF Girl By Bay and I want in on the action...not so much because I'm looking to win the prize (although it is pretty legit- $100 gift card to Appliances Online!) but because I was intrigued by the challenge posed.  What you keep on your fridge says a good bit about you, don't you think?  These are a few of my favorite memories and people- I love getting to look at their sweet faces everyday.  It makes me smile.  So what's on your fridge?


My name is Tina said...

Tomorrow i'm going to post my fridge, your fridge its amazing you have you love ones the most important!

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