Thursday, May 31, 2012

Inspiration Piece: Beautiful Agate

When it comes to valid sources of inspiration, nothing is really off limits.  In fact, our parent company has designed entire rooms around something as obscure as a cake or plate (both true examples, actually).  With that in mind, I've been setting aside fascinating pictures for the last few weeks and pulling together pieces that highlight the style, textures and colors that make them so interesting.  Accordingly, I've dubbed this new series "Inspiration Piece".  First up is this spectacular agate...the color palate is something only God Himself could (and did) come up with.  It's almost too pretty for words.  And I'm pretty psyched about the goodies I found to coordinate with it.  Pretty psyched, indeed.

1. Caleigh Nail Polish, Scotch Naturals, $15  2. Gold Velvet Pillow, Pier 1 $23.96  3. Aaliyah Printed Kaftan, Diane Von Furstenberg $212.50  4. Hillary Druzy Ring, Metro Park  5. Steel Caviar Eye Stick, Laura Mercier $24  6. Moroccan Kurkuma, The House of Kami £132  Photo Via Flickr


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