Monday, May 7, 2012

The Shops At Target

The Shops at Target are open for business!  After weeks of waiting, I finally got the chance to explore their curated collection of items from boutique stores across the country.  First observation: wow.  Second observation: I'm not exactly sure what their restocking plan is, but based on what I saw yesterday you should probably pay them a visit sooner than later.  The concept itself is pure gold but the really great part is they were able to deliver on their great idea.  With all the self restraint I could muster, I walked away with only one of The Candy Store's dark chocolate sea salted caramels (best. thing. ever.), some bronze COS Bar nail polish and a few Privet House cloth napkins.  This sleeveless jersey dress from The Webster spoke to me (you've gotta see it in person...the material is incredible), as did the majority of the Privet House dinnerware but I silenced them all.  You've gotta draw the line somewhere.  Anyone else make their way over to The Shops yet?  What did you think?

1.The Webster Printed Belts, $19.99 each  2. Privet House Black Fig & Honey Candle, $15.99  3. Polka Dog Bakery Rope Ball, $9.99  4. Candy Shop Salted Caramels, $9.99  5. Candy Shop Nostalgic Candy, $9.99  6. Candy Shop Swirl Lolipop, $3.99  7. The Webster Sleeveless Jersey Dress, $29.99  8. COS Bar Bronze Nail Polish, $3  9. Privet House Journals, $28.99  10. The Webster Geo Print Bangle, $16.99  11. Privet House Small Woven Tumbler, $21.99


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