Friday, May 4, 2012

Working For The Weekend

My head is pretty much about to explode when I consider all the opportunities to be festive this weekend.  There's Cinco De Mayo, the Kentucky Derby, Audrey Hepburn's birthday and the list goes on.  And if you don't understand why I feel the urge to celebrate a culture I have no legitimate connection to, a horse race I'm not attending or a pop culture icon that passed away nearly two decades ago...well then you just don't get me at all now, do you?  In all seriousness, there's a fantastic weekend approaching with an even better week to follow so I hope you're ready for it.  Enjoy the links!  Can't wait to catch up on Monday.

It's Derby time!

Darn this website for not shipping to America.

Seriously, put this on your calendars!  It's gonna be major.

Happy Birthday to Audrey.

Very, very pretty.

Bought this yesterday after seeing it here.

Aunt Martha always helps me plan the best parties...

How fun is this?!

Kinda neat.

I would wear this juuuuust about every day.


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