Friday, May 11, 2012

All Set: Mother's Day

I'm super excited to announce a brand new, extra awesome, lovely and fun monthly series!  It's called 'All Set' and the premise is simple: beautiful place settings, centerpieces and atmosphere styled by us!  For our inaugural post, we wanted to tackle what I believe should be the most glamourous holiday of the year...Mother's Day.  Who deserves to be wowed more than your Mom?  No one, that's who.  Accordingly, we set this table for an extra fancy tea for two.  

We used a few pieces of fine china, some antiques, a couple items that looked far more expensive than they actually are (jackpot), beautiful fabrics (that we fashioned into a table cloth and napkins) and a few personal touches.  The centerpiece, for example, was made up of greens from one of my favorite parts of my parents back yard.  I had our sweet photographer, Stephanie (who's band you should definitely check out, by the way) take a few snapshots of the clematis covered arbor and (my all time favorite) the willow tree.  As you can see, inspiration is pretty easy to come by at La Casa Di Beretta.  Can't wait to show you more tables in the months to come!  


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