Thursday, May 17, 2012

Penguin Classics

Come to find out, the good people at Penguin Books are tricksters.  Not only do they keep re-releasing classic titles bound in the prettiest covers you ever did see (all the while convincing me I need every last one), now they're branching out into making me want all kinds of random stuff.  You can't put Pride and Prejudice on a coffee mug and expect me not to want it, Penguin.  And you knew that.  How do you sleep at night? 

1. Penguin Deckchair, Art Meets Matter £62  2. Penguin Pencils, Art Meets Matter 4.96  3. Penguin Spine Notebook, John Lewis 7  4. Bookbag, Art Meets Matter 16.63  5. Penguin Tea Towel, Art Meets matter 7.46  6. The Lost Girl Makeup Pouch, Girls Travel Club 12.95  7. Lost Girl Luggage Tag, Penguin Books  8. Book Cover Postcards, Amazon $16.50  9. Pride and Prejudice Mug, Art Meets Matter 7.46  10. On The Road Water Bottle, Le Travel Store $14.95


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