Friday, June 1, 2012

Working For The Weekend

Happy Friday to you and yours...what's on the agenda for this weekend?  I'm determined to sort through some old clothes to donate, do a deep, deeeeep cleansing of our entire upstairs and finalize as many details as I can for next weekend's road trip.  I can't believe it's basically only a few days 'til we head to Miami!  Craziness.  At any rate, I'm gonna need you to have an incredibly good weekend.  Hope you enjoy the links!

Yup.  I think so.

What's cooler than Vogue?  Australian Vogue.

You're gonna laugh when you see this but I loooove it.

On the agenda for this summer...this right here.

I want to throw a party just to use these.

Navigating the mothership.

Never would've thought to make this myself but hey, why not?

I'm thinking coolest thing ever.


Missy said...

You can donate some of those clothes to Delran, NJ ;)

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