Friday, June 29, 2012

I'm The Map, I'm The Map, I'm The Map: Part 1

One of my other fun flea market purchases was a handful of vintage maps.  It's crazy to think that not too long ago there was no GPS, no Google maps, no one to yell "recalculating" at you...only these awkwardly large pieces of paper with shockingly small font.  Still, there's something almost romantic about maps.  I can't quite put my finger on it but I suspect it has something to do with nostalgia.  I've got a lot planned for my new map fact, I've already scheduled another map do-it-yourself craft for next Friday (how on top of things am I?).'s DIY couldn't be easier.

Here's what I used:
3 sets of hinged double picture frames
3 photos of people I love
3 maps from where said people live
A pencil

I've lived a few different places now and had the pleasure of establishing really meaningful relationships in all of them.  Add to that the fact that my family and friends are getting older and growing up and starting new lives in different places.  So, at this point, little pieces of my heart are all over the globe!  I thought it might be fun to illustrate my loved ones' little corners of the world in a "you are here" mall map style.  I used my parents' picture in one, made one for my roommate of her adorable niece, and went ahead and made one to remind me that there's plenty of special people right here where I live (most notably, my incredible brother).  

First, I printed out a few wallet sized photos.

Then I opened the picture frames and used the pretend family photo as a template for the map portion of the project (keeping the width of the frame itself and what it's overhang would cut off in mind).    

I centered the city I wanted to use and traced around the template with my pencil...

...then simply cut out the city and put it in the frame. 

Voila!  How cute is that?  Between the frames, maps and pictures I spent about $15 total which is not too shabby if you ask me.  Can't wait to show you my next map project (it's awesome)!


.Jessica. said...

I love this idea. I did something similar with using maps of places we've been spelling out our names, but I love the addition of a personal picture!

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