Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gift Guide: Happy Housewarming!

One of my very best friends and her husband (make that two of my very best friends...Anthony is the man) just bought their first home and Lord knows I wasn't about to show up empty handed when they moved in.  That would pretty much be against my religion.  Nina and Ant are two of my childhood friends, the most adorable couple of all time, and simultaneously the best and worst people to buy stuff for.  The best in that they're so sweet and grateful for any and everything, the worst in that you'll never know if they love what you gave them or hate it with the passion of 1,000 burning suns cause they're just so nice.  That being said, I tried to stick to items every new home needs that are also universally wonderful...fresh flowers, extra virgin first cold pressed olive oil, chocolate, dish towels, a candle and a delicious bottle of red wine.  After taking a nice long look at my little basket of treats I realized I had a pretty good housewarming template on my hands, so I thought I'd share.  What's your favorite housewarming present to give?  What's the best one you ever received?  Do tell!


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