Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Table for Twelve: Fancy Shmancy Dinner Party

I'm gonna shoot straight with you here- if ever there was a totally do-able Table for Twelve, this would be it.  Which doesn't exactly thrill me.  My favorite parties are a little more...aspirational, but while this particular shindig wasn't our most over-the-top, it was classy, sharp and an all around great time.  So that makes me happy.  I'm always looking for a good excuse to wear a fancy dress, and this party made that possible.  So that makes me happy, too.  Since this was the fourth party we threw in two days (true story) the operative words were simple but elegant.  Luckily, my parents' house provided a perfect setting and my Mom and Aunt Sandi's birthdays gave us a great excuse to celebrate.  And celebrate we did.  Since our family is more King Size than anything else, we had to get creative in our table arrangements.  It was a bit of a tight squeeze, but I thought it came together really beautifully.  

With the exception of a few signature items (my Dad's world famous salad, for example) we had the meal catered through Wegmans.  The menu included chicken, beef tenderloin, baked ziti, and assorted salad and vegetables.  Though I'm usually hesitant to give up control of the food I have to admit, it made the evening substantially easier.

If there's anything I learned while orchestrating this party, it's that sometimes sweet, simple and gimmick free can still make for a beautiful evening.  Now seriously, is my family photogenic or what?

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