Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Origami En Masse

I'm back in Jersey Jers for a few days with meetings, consultations and a little bit of New York Fashion Week on the agenda.  If all goes according to plan (and even if it doesn't, really) it's gonna be a great week.  I'm feeling pretty darn pumped!  While I'm in town, I'm hoping to bang out a plan for my up and coming bedroom re-design.  My Tennessee fortress of solitude is in desperate need of some TLC and as soon as I return, it's gonna get it.  That being said, I've had some crazy brainstorming sessions over the last few days/weeks/months.  Due to space, logistics and- in some cases- the degree of sheer insanity involved, some of my fun ideas just won't be coming to fruition...which is okay, cause I still get to share them here!  I hadn't totally thought this little gem through, but the gist of it involved origami.  Lots and lots of origami (so random).  Here's a few images from my idea board...even though the concept didn't make the cut for this particular project, I haven't panned the idea all together.  It's fun, right?!


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