Friday, September 16, 2011

It's a.....?!

Now that it's "Facebook official", I'm so excited to share some exciting news!  One of my sweet cousins is expecting a baby!  We're all just... over the moon.  I've already insisted on heading up the nursery design and shower planning committees so I've been a baby Googling fiend as of late.  One of the ideas I kept running into (again and again and again) was the concept of a "gender reveal party".  Apparently they're all the rage these days.  And I've gotta say...there are some cute ideas out there.  Most parties had the parents-to-be finding out right alongside their guests!  There was lots of cake involved (have the doctor seal the ultrasound photo and take it straight to a baker- tell them to make the icing blue or pink depending on the gender, then cut the cake for the big reveal!)  a few balloons (give the ultrasound to a close family member and have them fill a box with pink or blue the box for the big reveal!), and various cookies and cakes (you get how this works, right?).  A few particularly smart party planners served only foods the soon-to-be-mama was craving, while others let friends and family cast their vote for gender and names.  Overall, the concept is adorable- don't you think!?  


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