Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missoni for Target

I know, I know- the whole world is exhausted with hearing about Missoni for Target.  I totally get it.  But I can't help myself because I love it!  I hit up not one but two Targets yesterday and was equal parts amazed and horrified by the events of the morning.  My Mom and I walked into the first store no less than 15 minutes after it opened and there were already swarms of women sweeping through like locusts. People were screaming "Just put it in the cart!  We'll sort it when we get home!" and literally wiping the shelves clean.  It was astounding.  The reason we went so early was to snag a particular blanket I had my eye on, which of course the locusts gobbled up in the 15 minutes before I walked in the door.  Unfortunately, it wasn't at the other Target either.  But you know what was?  Alllll the items below.  This, dear friends, was the bounty we reaped.  From what I understand the collection sold out much faster than anyone was expecting, but drop by Target as soon as you possibly can to see if any of the remnants are still there!  Best of luck!


.Jessica. said...

Ahhh I was dying for the flats and infiniti scarf, but by the time I got to Target after work they were all gone. I went ahead and stocked up on the heels, another scarf, hat, and baby items. Missoni just brings a little fun to one's wardrobe!

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