Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oh, Oh It's Magic!

It a storyline straight out of a movie- an anonymous book lover leaves delicate paper sculptures in libraries across Edinburgh, Scotland.  It seems they just...appear...one after another and no one- not staff, security, or the general public- can find a trace of the artist.  I love everything about this story, but mostly the fact that it's true.  There's mystery and magic, and it's a real honest to goodness piece of news.  That's awesome.  To whoever the artist is- good for you!  I hope your reverse heists continue for as long as your little heart desires.  Check out these beautiful works of art- I included where they were discovered and the note left behind.  Lovely, don't you think?


Evelyn said...

So beautiful, so creative, so mysterious. I hope the person is never found out so they can continue to leave a bit of magic.

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