Friday, September 23, 2011

Working for the Weekend

Happy 'only a few more hours 'til the weekend'!  What's on the agenda party people?  I, for one, have a super cool Pirates and Mermaids themed 4th birthday celebration to attend (which I'm actually quite pumped about...seriously, any excuse to dress up and I'm taking it).  I'll tweet a picture of my getup so be on the lookout (@designmuseblog if you're not already following).  Enjoy the links, have fun this weekend and stay out of trouble!

A love story.

Re-doing a room/house?  This is a great idea...very helpful.

Was introduced to these lovely ladies when they opened for Ray Lamontagne this past week.  Impressive.

Need this.  And an appropriate drawer.

Totally out of my mind crazy about this.  Might dream about it tonight.

I appreciate this on a level you probably don't understand.  It's a very exclusive club...

Something to look forward to October 6th.

Need a good laugh?  If you have an extra 21 minutes 14 seconds you can have like...30.

Wanna be on TV?

She's cool.


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